Backed by public innovation development funds as well as private investors, Sofi Filtration is a Finnish provider of state-of-the-art water filtration technology.


Industries like mineral processing, oil & gas, and power generation face increasing restrictions to fresh water supply and the cost of water is rising.

Automatic and energy efficient microfiltration solutions such as Sofi Filter are emerging technologies for increasing water recirculation rate at production plants. This means less fresh water need, less waste water produced, and pure water in the processes. 


Global megatrends such as urbanization, scarcity and environmental protection & legislation drive the need for water cleaning innovation for cost effective and long-term technology.

The driving forces are demands from environmental legislation, benefits of closed water circuit at the factory or the value of the solid particles.


Simo Aho
COO, co-founder


Janne Nyqvist
Sales Manager, Finland


Constantin Buda
Marketing Manager

Ville Hakala
CEO, co-founder


Hannu Tamminen
Automation Engineer


Mika Viitala
Sales Manager, Sweden

Pertti Rantala
VP, Technology, co-founder


Kati Hakala


Lari Ruotsalainen
Project Manager