Power plant - District heat network fine particle filtration - Case study

Throughout 2015 Sofi Filtration has continued the pilot series started in 2014. We have piloted our technology in a variety of industries under some of the hardest technical and environmental conditions. We have done all this to restate our commitment to engineering for the environment and ultimately to ensure that our technology meets and exceeds the industry requirements.

In June 2015 we have successfully completed an application feasibility project with Fortum in the Power Generation / CHP Plant from the greater Helsinki area. More specifically our Sofi Filter has been set up in the district heat network circulation water of one CHP plant in order to remove very fine particles contamination from the district hear water. In most cases, very fine particles such as magnetite below 1 µm can seriously lower the efficiency of the heat distribution system. Additionally, these fine particles can create uncertainty when it comes to measurement equipment and data.              

The technology we used in this case was a Sofi Filter SF 1000 with self-cleaning by ultrasound and back pulse. You can also download the case here.

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