New partnership for growth in the US market


Sofi Filtration is happy to announce a new strategic partnership with Cimbria Capital. Cimbria Capital is a private equity firm based in Texas with a focus on patient capital and international market expansion for agriculture and water companies in Scandinavia andNorth America. The partnership will help establish Sofi Filtration's official incorporation into the U.S. and strategically position their business, products, and services for the American marketplace.

"To replicate our Scandinavian success in the U.S. market, Sofi Filtration sought a smart capital and market integration firm with the in-depth business expertise necessary to grow our company as a major player in the sustainable water technology market," said Ville Hakala, CEO of Sofi Filtration. "We believe we have found that unique strategic partner in Cimbria Capital."

In the U.S., the large capital expenditures of manufacturing, mining, and power companies are forcing these firms to seek new technologies that offset the operational costs caused by high energy usage and water consumption. Sofi Filtration products — honed by Finnish engineering expertise — provide robust, self-cleaning microfiltration allowing the recirculation of industrial process and wastewater at lower lifecycle costs than other solutions on the market. Cimbria will work closely with Sofi Filtration through its 'Acceleration Program' to implement a market plan and build new commercial opportunities stateside for their technology.

"Industrials are in need of highly-refined Scandinavian innovation like Sofi Filtration's to solve their growing water and energy concerns," said Brian V. Iversen, Managing Partner of Cimbria Capital. "Cimbria is honored to help accelerate the expansion of Sofi Filtration's impact in the United States through our expertise in Nordic and American market integration."

About Sofi Filtration: Sofi Filtration is a water filtration company founded in Finland that specializes in automated and self-cleaning microfiltration technologies that increase water recirculation rates at production sites. Sofi Filtration provides state-of-the-art industrial water filtration technology for global clients in the mining, metal, oil and gas, and power industries.

About Cimbria Capital: Cimbria Capital is a Danish-American private equity firm based in Texas conducting early stage buyout and growth capital investments in companies solving the world's most pressing challenges in agriculture, food, and water throughout North America and Scandinavia.

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