Oil drilling waste water treatment - US pilot

Sofi Filtration is committed to engineering for the environment and this reflects in the latest field tests from United States. Together with Encotech our US partner, we have successfully piloted the self-cleaning Sofi Filter at an oil drilling waste water treatment site in West Texas. The system has been operated with both the 0.5 and 3 micron filter elements, and it is soon to finish its 60 day trial. Effluent water quality data has exceeded the customer’s Total Suspended Solids (TSS) requirements, and no physical maintenance has been performed on the screens during their entire trial.

Operator involvement includes checking the remote telemetry system to report daily flow totals and to watch for alerts from the Programmable Logic Computer (PLC). We are excited about the possibilities of a major breakthrough in the Oil and Gas Industry to become a key technology supplier for industrial liquid filtration needs.

Below you can find a few images from the pilot site. For more information about this piece of new please contact us or Encotech.

Direct contacts:

Encotech: Jason Lalli, VP Encotech | Phone: +1 (724) 222-3334 | Email: jdlalli@encotech.net

Sofi Filtration: Ville Hakala, CEO Sofi Filtration Ltd | Phone: +358 40 704 9290 | Email: ville@sofifiltration.com

images from the pilot site