The outlook for US crude oil is expected to grow through 2022 from 10 MMbpd in 2018 to 11-12 MMbpd. Similarly, Natural gas production is expected to grow at 5% per year from 29 to 34 Tcf. Thegrowth of this industry is often in regions of water shortages.

The large amount of Produced and Flowback water can be reused or disposed of in salt water disposal wells. In either case, filtration is a required operation, in particular, at levels less than 20 and often less than 5 microns. Salt water disposal wells need to maintain permeability to keep operating and to minimize seismic disruptions. Similarly water reuse requires filtration solutions to protect downstream membranes and equipment. Theseoperations need robust filtration solutions to handle flows of 2000 to 30,000 bpd or more.