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We have patented a self-cleaning technology that takes microfiltration to the next level.

This new technology is commercialised through our new system, Sofi Filter.


No filter changes needed

No chemicals needed


High capacity

Sofi Filter Features

Long-Life Element

0.2–20 micron,
Stainless steel,
No disposable filters

Integrated Self-Cleaning 

Backpulse with filtrate,
Ultrasonic cleaning,
No chemicals needed


High Velocity 
Cross-flow Design

High flux,
Low energy need

Providing solids-free water for reverse osmosis

Treating flue gas waste water

Cooling water treatment 

Replacing existing cartridge/bag filters 

Treating waste water before discharge 

Recirculating process water


How we do it - video


"Sofi Filter treats large streams of water containing fine particles that are difficult to treat with traditional methods."